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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New Poll Shows More Support For Obamacare Than Previously Thought

Since the passage of the health care bill last year, the American public’s views of the legislation has remained pretty evenly entrenched. Most polls that the mainstream media have conducted show about 45% supporting the bill, and 50% opposed (Fox News poll and NBC/WSJ poll)

But a new Washington Post-ABC News poll shows that there is much less consensus among those who oppose the bill than previously thought, especially as to whether or not to fully repeal health care legislation. This is of huge importance to our representatives (or it should be) who will be voting on the bill within the next few weeks.

The new poll shows that of those who do not support the law, only 33% support its total repeal, 35 % support a partial repeal, and 30% want to wait-and-see what happens. About 2/3’s of Republicans surveyed wanted the law repealed (at least partly), and about ¼ of all opposed to the law are against it because it doesn’t go far enough (towards not-for-profit health care).

As we can see, support for the health care bill is much more nuanced than simply up or down. If the new poll is taken into account, then in fact 77% of Americans do not want to repeal Obamacare, or at least in its entirety, and only 16% do.

At this point I can only hope that House Republicans will take their constituent’s concerns seriously, although there doesn’t seem to be much room for nuance in the ‘party of no.’

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