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Friday, January 14, 2011

Gun Control and Mental Health Issues -- Off the Table

As congress returns from its hiatus -- imposed by the shooting in Tucson, Arizona -- rumors abound about what legislation House Republicans will take up next.

Surely, you're thinking, it's gun control legislation. I mean if only there were some restrictions on who can buy guns and what kind of guns/ammo you can buy, this tragedy would not have been so horrific... Right? Nope. Well surely, if not that, then House Republicans will take a look at the lack of mental health institutions in this country. Can't we do a better job of taking care of the citizens in this country who are not able to take care of themselves to ultimately create a better society... Right? Nope.

As you may have guessed, House Republicans announced today that next week they will introduce the much-talked-about legislation repealing the health care bill passed last year.

Unfortunately, major gun control laws have historically only been passed after a national tragedy in which the president is assassinated, or the victim of an assassination attempt. The first federal gun control laws were passed after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, and the Brady Bill after the assassination attempt of President Reagan.

We truly are a stubborn nation.

On a similar note, while President Obama's speech Wednesday was notable for its leadership and sympathy, many critics note that simply asking people to be more civil will probably not cut down on gun deaths or violent crimes committed by people who are mentally unstable.

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